Using Camtasia: Start and Save a Video Recording

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This video walks you through starting a Camtasia 8 recording. If you see problems, please let know.

Video Transcript

  1. Double-click the Camtasia icon.
  2. When the Camtasia main screen comes up, click Record the screen.
  3. In the controls at the bottom right of your desktop:
    • Set the audio control to record your audio.
    • Do not turn on system audio.
    • Adjust the video recording area.
    • Click rec
  4. When your recording completes, press F10 (or click the white rectangle with the C ).
  5. Save the .trec file using some identifiable name. Copy the name.
  6. In the main Camtasia screen, use the file name you copied to save this project (in this case, as a .camproj).

The next step is to edit the recording—but you do that next unit.

Complete This Unit

To reassure your instructor that you have gotten through this unit successfully:

  1. Generate an MP4 of your Camtasia project.
  2. E-mail the MP4 to your instructor at (click this link). If your MP4 is over 25 MB, use the Google Drive option.


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Note: If you are using free Camtasia 2018, see Camtasia 2018 Help, for this unit, "Record the Screen and Audio."

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