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Create Calendars in Confluence

This tutorial is based on Atlassian Confluence, 2023.

Note: Most of the links have been removed from this page.

Create a personal calendar in Confluence

If you have Confluence premium, you can create a calendar wherever you want in your Confluence account. However, start by creating a calendar in your Confluence home.

To create basic calendar:

  1. Click Calendars in the sidebar, and then click Add new calendar:
  2. Calendar link in sidebar
  3. Fill out the form and click Create:
  4. Create calendar form
  5. To view your calendar, click Apps > Calendars, and select the one you just created if there are others.
  6. To edit your calendar, click anywhere within the calendar, select an event type, give it a title, fill out the start and end dates, deselect All day event, select start and end times and click Save:
  7. Specify event details
  8. To edit an event, click the event in the calendar, make the change or delete, and Save:
  9. Edit an event

Add your personal calender to your personal space

To add your personal calender to your personal space, follow the steps above for creating a calendar in your Confluence home.

However, notice that by default there is no visible between your personal space calendar and you home calendar.

To differentiate a calendar:

  1. Click the three dots to the right of the name of your calendar (for example, David's Calendar.
  2. Select Edit:
  3. Fill out the form, specifying a different name for this calendar (for example, David's Personal Space Calendar.
  4. Click Save.

Import a calendar

Imagine that you want the calendar on your Confluence home to display on your personal space as well:

  1. Go to your personal space.
  2. Click the + to the right of Calendars.
  3. Select Import calendar.
  4. In Calendar name start typing the name of the calendar in your Confluence home (for example, David's Calendar).
  5. Click Import.

Now, any change you make in either calendar will be reflected in the other calendar.

Add a calendar to a team project

There seems to be some confusion in the Confluence community about team calendars. To keep it simple, create a calendar as described above and give it the team name followed by "Team Calendar,"" for example, AI Radio Team Calendar

How to provide a link to the team calendar on the team page is a question that needs to be answered.

Adapted from atlassian.com.

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