Grammar-Usage-Punctuation Diagnostic

Welcome to the Grammar-Usage-Punctuation Diagnostic, sentence diagnostic for short. This sentence diagnostic is a 50-item quiz that asks you to pick the correct or best version out of four versions of the same sentence. You don't need to know grammar terminology; just be able to select what seems correct or best to you.

This sentence diagnostic covers fifteen categories:

Fragments Comma splices & run-ons Subject-verb agreement
Pronoun reference agreement Pronoun case Problem modifiers
Parallelism Compound-element commas Restrictive-element commas
Introductory-element rules Colons Capitalization
Apostrophes Sentence-style problems Similar-sounding spelling

The content of this 50-item diagnostic is "technical"; the sentences contain technical information from a wide variety of fields, but the grammar/usage/punctuation problems are obvious. Most of the sentences are probably above the eighth-grade reading level.

The 50 items may take you up to an hour and a half to complete. You can pause and then resume (jot down your ID code). When you finish, you see how you did in each category as well as on the whole. The diagnostic saves your results page which will indicate areas to study and link you to readings and exercises. It will also enable you to specify due dates for the categories to study and then mark them off when you complete them.


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