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Substantive Editing—Document-Level Problems

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Even more so that usage, punctuation, and consistency, covered in the previous units, one of the most important contributions that editors bring to the document-development process is their focus on the content of a document, its suitability for the target audience, its coherence (how the document "flows"), its organization, and its support and logic. Writers often work too closely to documents such that they have a hard time thinking about their documents from these high-level perspectives. That's where you as a good editor come in!

In this unit, you'll do the following:

  1. Read Rude chapter 17 and take the quiz.
  2. Read McMurrey online chapter on document-level problems, and take the quiz.
  3. There is no edit for this unit. You can request an edit, but it will not be related to document-level problems.

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