Unit 6: Build Your Practice Drupal Site—Contact Forms, Polls, Forums

Note: Most of the links have been removed from this page.

In this unit, you create a contact form for visitors, a poll for visitors to vote on something, and a forum for visitors to discuss something.

Drupal practice

In this unit, you'll do the following:

  1. Using this video, create a contact form, to which you add a custom field (transcript available).
  2. Using this video, create a poll (transcript available).
  3. Using this video, create a forum (transcript available).
  4. Using this video, set up a custom content type for some specific purpose (for example, articles on global warming), and create an instance of it with some content (transcript available).
  5. E-mail your instructor when you have completed this unit.

Your instructor will be able to fill out your contact form with the custom field, vote in the poll you've set up, and contribute to the forum you've set up.

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