Create a Git and GitHub Repository—Study Guide

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To put your project up on GitHub, you'll need to create a repository for it to live in. You'll do that in a later unit.

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Start a New Project (Repository) in Git

First, create a repository in your Git installation on your computer:

  1. Double-click the Git icon somewhere on your computer. (It's probably named Git Bash.)
  2. In Git on your computer, enter this command cd ~/Desktop. Let me know what it is on a Mac.
  3. To create a new repo, enter what will be its directory name mkdir david_repo1 (use any name you like).
  4. Change into that new directory, for example: cd david_repo1
  5. To create a new project in a rep, enter git init. You should see something like this:
    Initialized empty Git repository in C:/Users/hcexr/Dropbox/My PC (LAPTOP-V64CTP3M)/Desktop/david_repo1/.git/
    Notice that it creates a new folder on your desktop.
  6. In Git, enter touch readme.txt
  7. Enter the ls command to see that the file is there:

  8. git add readme.txt to "stage" the file so that it can be "committed."
  9. To see what has been done, enter git status. You'll see some like this:

Complete This Unit

To reassure your instructor that you have gotten through this unit successfully:

  1. Take a screen shot of your account on the Git installation on your computer.
  2. E-mail this or these to your instructor at (click this link).


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