Open Browser within Sublime Text

It's handy to be able to open a browser and see your web page while you are still in Sublime Text. Handier still is to to see changes you make in your HTML file appear in your browser as soon as you press Save in the HTML file.

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There are a number of packages that can accomplish this, but BrowserSync is my fav.


  1. If necessary, install Package Control first: see install
  2. Click Tools > Command Palette and start typing install.... When it displays Package Control: Install package, press Enter.
  3. Type browsersync, select it, and press Enter.
  4. When installed, the package will display Browser Sync in your toolbar.
  5. Click Browser Sync and select a file to view, preferably an HTML file.
  6. The new browser window will open underneath your Sublime Text window. You'll adjust and rearranged windows so that you can see your Sublime Text window and newly opened browser side by side.
  7. Make a change in your HTML file and press Save. Your changes will appear in the browser window.

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