Set Up Woocommerce Payment and Checkout

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In this unit, you:

Readings and Videos

Because you will be accepting payment from customers, your WooCommerce site needs to be secured with an SSL certificate. It may already be secured: check the URL for a lock symbol:

SSL lock symbol

If you set up your WooCommerce site via Pantheon, you should see the SSL lock symbol. If not, read about Let's Encrypt below. And in general, it's wise to read up on SSL (which seems to be synonymous with TLC); see the links below.

TLS Basics. Synonymous with SSL.

SSL and HTTPS and WooCommerce.

Let's Encrypt. A recommended way to get an SSL certificate free.

WooCommerce Payments. Video by Patrick Rauland.

WooCommerce PayPal Setup. Video by Patrick Rauland.

How To Set Up A PayPal Account & How To Use PayPal [2021]. Dustin Waller

How to Use PayPal - Beginner's Guide. Includes information on business accounts.

How To Setup Wordpress Woocommerce Cart & Checkout Page. From Treehouse 51.

7 Best Free WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Plugins to Add Custom Billing & Shipping Address Fields (with Video). From LearnWoo.


Here's what to do for this unit:

  1. Set up payment for your Woocommerce site and checkout and cart capability.
  2. When you have completed these tasks, send the URL to


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