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A sidebar (or side panel) is useful when you are working on a project of two or more files. Here's an example that has a subfolder containing images files:

Sidebar example

Sublime Text Basic Sidebar

To set up a project with a sidebar displaying HTML files:

  1. Somewhere on your computer, preferably the desktop, create a folder. Name it, for example, sidebar_text.
  2. In that folder, create three HTML files, a CSS file, and a JavaScript file.
  3. Drag that folder and drop it into the textarea of Sublime Text.
  4. Click View > Side Bar > Show Side Bar. Let's hope you see something like what you see in the illustration above. If it does not work, click View > Side Bar > Hide Side Bar and then View > Side Bar > Show Side Bar again.
  5. To keep from having to do this setup each session, click Project > Save Project As....:
  6. Save Sublime Text project dialog
  7. In the Save dialog, navigate to your project folder. Type the project name in front of *.sublime_project and press Enter. For my project, I specified sidebar_test and Sublime Text set it up as sidebar_test_sublime_project
  8. To start another session, just click the project name which you stored in your project folder.
Sidebar enhancements

Sublime Text Enhanced Sidebar

For enhancements to the sidebar, you'll need to get the package:

  1. In Sublime Text, select Tools > Command Palette or (Ctrl+Shift+P).
  2. If you've not done so, install Package Control. See package control
  3. Start typing ins... until you see Package Control: Install Package.
  4. In the blank, start typing Sidebar... until Sidebar Enhancements shows and then press Enter.
  5. To see your installed packages and to see whether Sidebar Enhancements installed, select Tools > Command Palette or (Ctrl+Shift+P) > Package Control: List Packages.
  6. To see the sidebar enhancement, right-click on any file in the sidebar:

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