XHTML/CSS Menus with Bootstrap

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In this unit, you explore dynamic menus as enabled by Bootstrap 3 (or 4). Bootstrap menus provide a much more compact way of tying together the pages of your web site. Take a look an example of what you'll create in this unit.. (Move your cursor across the menu bar to see the effect.)

When you complete this unit, you will be able to:

Readings and Videos

These are essential for doing this unit's assignment:


Create a two or more web pages linked together by Bootstrap menus:

Complete This Unit

  1. Name your HTML file with some identifying part of your name followed by _bootstrapmenu.html, for example, davidmc_bootstrapmenu.html.
  2. Send your web pages by e-mail attachment to your instructor at Your instructor will review, point out any problems, enabling you to revise and send.


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