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MadCap Flare for Content Creation

In this course, you learn how use to use MadCap Flare to create fully-functional PDFs that include front and back pages with images, automated tables of content, glossaries and indexes; automated numbering streams for chapters, appendixes, page numbers, figure and tables numbers; custom page layouts and page numbering. You learn how to output your Flare projects not only to PDF but also XHTML, HTML5, Word, and others.

If you want to learn how to use Flare to create online help, separate tutorials are available for that.

In this course, you learn to:

You use links, videos and transcripts of those videos to learn these tasks, e-mail your instructor when you have questions, and send your work to the instructor for review.

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Course cost: McMurrey Associates $175 USD. No other purchases necessary.

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