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Markdown for Technical Writers

In this course, you learn to:

You use videos and transcripts of those videos to learn these tasks, e-mail your instructor when you have questions, and send your work to the instructor for review.

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Course cost: McMurrey Associates $175 USD. No other purchases necessary.

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  1. Once we receive your payment for this course, we send you a link in which you select a start date. Your schedule is then set up for you with due dates starting 3 days from the start date you selected.
  2. For each unit:
    1. you do some reading, watch some videos to learn concepts and procedures for that unit. (You can skip units for whatever reason, but if you need a recommendation, your instructor will mention those omissions.)
    2. Use whichever software you prefer, but check out the one listed that support Markdown tagging and transform to HTML.
    3. you then practice the concepts and procedures of that unit. The videos show you step by step how to do the practice work for that unit.
    4. you send the practice work to your instructor, who reviews and comments, and if necessary explains revisions needed. You repeat the revision–review cycle until your instructor signs off. (You can choose not to revise—it's your course, your money.)

Here are the requirements for this course:

No required purchase of textbooks or software!

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