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Basic ecommerce (Woocommerce)

In this course, you learn to create a Woocommerce store within Pantheon; develop your idea for an online store and the products it offers; create physical (both simple and variable) and digital products; design the front page of your store; create individual pages for each of your products; use variables and attributes for product details; customize and experiment with themes; set up payment, taxes, shipping; back up your WooCommerce site.

Your WooCommerce site will be located in Pantheon free-access. However, to go live with your WooCommerce site, you will need to pay Pantheon a monthly fee or find and migrate to another web service.

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In this course, you:

You use links, videos and transcripts of those videos to learn these tasks, e-mail your instructor when you have questions, and notify your instructor when you have parts of your WooCommerce site ready for review.

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Course cost: McMurrey Associates $175 US; no other purchases necessary.

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