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This is your main working page for your course entitled Training Videos for Technical Communication (Camtasia). From this page you can go to study materials, read about project requirements, find out what to name your files, see when projects are due, go to the online textbook and other resources for this course.


  • This course is based on the free down-level version 8 of Camtasia. Request that install from If you prefer to purchase and use the current version of Camtasia (over $200 US), I may not be able to help in all cases.
  • Be sure to bookmark this page so that you can easily return.

Links have been removed from this version of the course.

Unit 1: Start the course & get familiarized with TechSmith Camtasia

Use the course overview to see how this course is set up.

Due date: unit1_date

Unit 2: Create and save your own simple MP4 training video

Use the Create and Save a Video guide to see how to create and save your first Camtasia recording.

Due date: unit2_date

Unit 3: Edit a Camtasia Video Project

Use the Edit Camtasia Video guide to see how to make simple edits to a Camtasia project—specifically the .camproj file.

Use the Making Tracks Video guide to see how to manipulate tracks in Camtasia.

Due date: unit3_date

Unit 4: Add images to a Camtasia project

Use the Add Images guide to see how to add still images (like .png, .jpg) to Camtasia videos.

Due date: unit4_date

Unit 5: Use markers in Camtasia projects

Use the Use Markers guide to see how to use markers to copy, move, delete parts of Camtasia video projects.

Due date: unit5_date

Unit 6: Create a Camtasia video with call-outs

Use the Add Call-outs guide to see how to add call-outs (explanatory labels) and arrows to Camtasia videos.

Due date: unit6_date

Unit 7: Add captions to a Camtasia video

Use the Add Captions guide to see how to add captions to Camtasia videos.

Due date: unit7_date

Unit 8: Create a Camtasia video using zoom and pan

Use the Zoom & Pan guide to see how to zoom in and zoom out in Camtasia videos and how to pan across a wide video.

Due date: unit8_date

Create quizzes, menus, or tables of contents

Unfortunately, menus, tables of contents, and quizzes are not natively available with Camtasia 8. If you wish to learn these functions, we can download the 30-day trial of the current Camtasia version. If you want to do that, send me e-mail:

Also, YouTube provides somewhat of a solution for TOCs: Make Long Videos Easier to Navigate Using a Table of Contents in Camtasia shows how to create time markers that will enable viewers to navigate to parts of your video.

Unit 9: Create an audio-only recording (MP3)

True, this Camtasia course has "video" in its title. But it will be useful to know how create an MP3, audio-only, like a podcast.

Use the Audio guide to see how to create an audio-only recording (MP3) in Camtasia.

Due date: unit9_date

Unit 10: Plan and complete your final-project MP4 training video

Use the Final Project guide for directions and ideas for your complete training video in Camtasia.

Due date: unit10_date

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