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Basic Web Content Management Systems (Drupal)

In this course, you learn how use a Drupal site as an ordinary visitor then learn how to create a Drupal site of your own. You will learn how to create articles with images, basic pages, forums, polls, blogs, contact forms, comments on nodes, special content types; design blocks and menus; set up permissions; add audio and video to your Drupal site; change and modify themes; do regular backups and core updates.

Your Drupal site will be located in Pantheon free-access. However, to go live with your Drupal site, you will need to pay Pantheon a monthly fee or find and migrate to another web service.

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In this course, you learn to:

You use links, videos and transcripts of those videos to learn these tasks, e-mail your instructor when you have questions, do your work in the class Pantheon Drupal site and in your own Pantheon Drupal site, and notify your instructor when items are ready for review.

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Course cost: McMurrey Associates $175 U.S., no other purchases necessary.

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