McMurrey Associates: Technical Communication Courses

Enroll in online continuing-education-style courses that are instructor led—a real human being to act as your trusty guide, mentor.

Learn, practice essential skills using both videos and transcripts of those videos.

Do practice tasks and send them to your instructor for review and rework as needed. Get help in online-meeting tools such as TeamViewer, Zoom.

Courses cost $175 US, last 6 to 10 weeks (can be completed sooner or extended longer), and are conducted in English. (Spanish or French with a dictionary nearby!)

If you are interested, read about the coordinator/instructor or contact, click an image below and sign up!

Learn, Practice, Use Content Creation Tools!

MadCap Flare: Content Creation
Microsoft Word: Content Creation
Adobe FrameMaker: Content Creation
Integrated Development Environments for Content Creation

Get Ready for That College Tech-Writing Course!

Essential Technical Writing
Technical-Writing Modes
Process-Intensive Report Writing
Professional Technical Writing for Nontechnical Writers

Learn, Practice Collaboration Tools!

Confluence Technical-Writing Team Projects
Drupal Web Content for Technical Writers
Git/GitHub for Technical Writers
Markdown for Technical Writers

Learn Structured Authoring to Single-Source Your Technical Documents

DITA Structured Authoring
XML Structured Authoring
MadCap Flare Content
DITA Open Toolkit

Add Front-End Developer Tools to Your Skillset!

XHTML & CSS Content
XHTML/CSS: Content
Development 2
FlexBox & Grid for Technical Writers
Camtasia for Technical Training

Be a Valued Technical Editor, Peer Reviewer! Know Your Utilities!

Technical Editing
Essential Grammar, Usage
FileZilla FTP
Technical Writers: Essential

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